Infrastructure works

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Infrastructure works

Our company is authorized by the Agricultural Ministry to build irrigation infrastructure for funciar improvement of agricultural land for installation and construction works
Our services include:
  • Design and technical calculations of irrigation systems from the water source to the irrigation machines
  • Designing and constructing new pumping station or retrofitting older ones
  • Assisting in obtaining authorisations form water management officials and building approvals
  • Compatibility with tenders organised by the Agency for Financing Rural Investment
  • Infrastructure building for secondary pumping stages and intermediate level diameters
  • Trench digging, pipe laying and welding for up to 630 mm diameter PEHD pipes
  • Fitting of valves, water gates, electronically controlled form station synchronized with pumps and water consumers. We use Caprari, Rovatti, Grundfoss pumps
  • Concrete pouring for pump house, water dams, foundations, support walls. If necessary we can replace buildings with easy prefabricated containers with self contained air conditioning and safety interrupters. Other options include video surveillance and alarming systems
  • Open channel cleaning, river bank enforcement, dam accumulations, and fitting geo membranes
  • Filtration and decantation system implementation even in older networks
  • Centralized fertigation implementation for pivot systems

We are endowed with performant machinery, dedicated to construction works. We assure you of our professional and seriousness obtained during our experience. Our technicians have been trained by our suppliers to be able to reduce construction times and reparations if necessary.

Our team of engineers is at your disposal for enquiries and tehnichal questions, price offers or field visits.

Irrigation systems