Motor pumps and electro pumps

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Motor pumps and electro pumps

These are meant for industrial, fire fighting or agricultural operations. They are configured with Iveco, Deutz or John Deere engines. Rovatti, Caprari, Cornell pumps. All kinds of structures from the PTO shaft operated to the sound proofed automated versions with all range of pressure and flow. Highest pressure of 17 bars and most powerful motors used is 238 HP.

The chassis is robot welded for highest precision with built in tank of up to 1000 litres of fuel.

Collector for impurities under the engine. Flexible joint between pump and engine with safety device. Engine oil drainage.

Manual priming with diaphragm or automatic priming system from gas exhaust or even electrical priming for more comfort.

Absorption crane for the big diameter pipes with a 270 degree of movement.

Our team of engineers is at your disposal for enquiries and tehnichal questions, price offers or field visits.

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