Pivot type irrigation machines

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Pivot type irrigation machines

The equipment produced by Valmont Irrigation and distribuited by Valinst Agriculture Brasov, is a large machine consisting of self propelled spans and towable cart. The special alingment and propulsion systems allow the machine to run on difficult terrain and high inclines with maximum precision and in complete safety. The movement of the pivot to a different position is done simply by hitching it up to a tractor.
Sistemul de irigatii produs de catre Valmont S.A si distribuit in Romania de catre Gruppo Valinst SRL Brasov are o anvergura mare si este realizat dintr-un sistem format din pivot remorcabil si tronsoane autopropulsate. Sistemul special de propulsie si aliniere permite instalatiei de irigat sa opereze chiar pe terenuri dificile cu maxima precizie si siguranta. Deplasarea intre terenurile de irigat se poate realiza prin remorcarea pivotului, respectiv a intregii instalatii, dupa tractor

  • Allows for easy irrigation of areas between 2 and 150 hectars
  • The moving from one position to the other can be done under one hour
  • Leads to an economy of work force of arround 70%
  • Offers flexible schemes of efficient aplication of water with economy of up to 70%
  • Control degree of 95% for the water quantity on the soil.
  • Increased efficiency of chemical fertigation (allows for 50% time economy)
  • Uniformity on water and chemical application
  • Low pressure functioning for more efficient energy consumption
Important: The production from galvanized steel is the best anticorosive finish of the modern technology. The Valley pivots use the water source from hydrants, as well as natural lakes, rivers. To this sense the Valinst team is willing to help you choose the best irrigation and pumping solution from the existing water source.

The installation of Valley equipment

Valinst, being qualified by the factory will assure that the ordered equipment will be installed as preciselly as the rigorous Valmont SAU specifications dictate, so as to obtain the best performance and efficiency.

Our team of engineers is at your disposal for enquiries and tehnichal questions, price offers or field visits.

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